Knowing the Language of the Logo Designers

If you belong to the lot of members who are new in the world of logo designs and designers, then welcome to the club! If you do not have the experience regarding purchase of logo designs then you are probably unaware of the terms which the logo designers use to express their ideas/requirements.

Becoming familiar with these particular terms will not only make the entire process of buying logos easy for you but it will also ensure that you get what you had asked for. When you fully understand the things you wish your logo to posses only then can you clearly convey your ideas to the designer. When the logo designers fully understands your requirements, only then will he/she be able to work on your logo according to the specific details you have provided.

Listed below are some of the common terms and it is essential for you to be familiar with them in order to provide specifications for your logo design and get a flawless logo:

  • Logo Concept:

A logo concept refers to a proposal which you present to the designer. It basically tells the designer what your logo is going to be like. The logo designer, after going through your logo concept, will then tell you what they understood from the details you have provided and will give you their own ideas or concepts. You can then choose the best concept of all according to your choice.

  • Combination Logo:

A logo which comprises of both text and images or icons is known as a combination logo. The text is combined with the image in such a way so that they both blend in together and sync with each other.

  • Duotone:

Duotone is the term used when you want your logo to be made out of two colors only. Although logos can be made up of a lot of colors, this is the label you give a logo if you to see only two colors in it.

  • Font:

Fonts define the appearance of the text. You have the right to use whichever font you like from the variety of fonts to make your logo look like what you want it to. There is a wide range of various fonts, so let your imagination take control and choose the one which will complement your logo design the most.

  • Script:

Script is basically a typeface which plays the role of diverse handwriting patterns. You can choose from various scripts including cursive handwriting and childlike handwriting to name two. So, there are a lot of options when it comes to the choice of script.

  • Text Only:

This term is used for logo which does not incorporate images or icons. So, as the term suggests, a logo with text only will only comprise of typeface. There are a lot of successful establishments which have text only logos for example Coca Cola; the logo of Coca Cola is not only eye-catching but it is also very legible.

Some Other Terms
There is a chance of you disliking the logo concept you receive from the logo designer which would then make you ask the designer to create something better. These situations occur quite a lot and there is no need of feeling bad about it. You are paying the designer for making your logo. So you have all the rights to ask for what you want. Stated below are some of the terms which you will have to use if such a situation takes place:

  • Logo Redraw:

When you ask for a logo redraw, you mean that you are simply not pleased with the concept presented. The logo designer will then be required to start things from scratch and come up with new and innovative concepts as per your specifications.

  • Logo Revision:

You ask for a logo revision when you do not wish your concept to be redrawn. When the designers revise, all they do is that they arrange the design in a way so that it complements your concept. This happens on a frequent basis. Hence, majority of the logo designers are open for at least one logo revision.