Tips to Design a Winning Logo

When you plan to label your esteemed establishment with a name and a logo with apt color combination, then usually the design of the logo gets the least attention and care of all.

Generally, logos are created and displayed on innumerable sites so that the author can flaunt his/her profound skills of designing logos.

If you belong to the lot of designers who are in interested in developing a strategy for a creation of a winning logo then this article should be a must read for you! Listed below are the steps which should be followed to have an easy logo design making experience:

  1. Planning:

The purpose of a logo is to represent the company it has been created for. Before getting started with the designing, it is advised to gather as much information about the company as possible and then list out all the services and products available in it.

Next, emphasis should be laid on the choice of colors; with a relaxed state, start selecting colors which will enhance the appearance of the logo. A better way to do this is to analyze the corporate colors. The maximum amount of colors that you can use should be limited to twelve only, however, not more than one or two shades will be required. Make sure you do not use extremely dark hues unless it is essential to the purpose. Remember you logo should be one which, when looked at by clients, leave an impression on their minds and keep reminding them about your brand.

Always keep in mind that your design can be used in a business card (where it has to look tiny) as well as a huge bill board (where it has to look large). Therefore, it has to be scalable.  One method to make your logo and the font in it look appropriate is by picturing it in your mind; envision how your logo would look like if it would be too small or large. Will it be legible and the font readable? 

Think of every venue where your logo can come into sight and then design accordingly. If you think that the company you are designing the logo for will deal more with the elderly then it is better for your logo to look sober and dignified.

  1. Creating:

Simplicity is always the best policy when it comes to logo designing. If you do not agree with that then try checking out logos of other famous companies. You will never find an eminent company represented by a fancy logo. Hence, you should also come up with a simple design for your creation.

It is a always a good idea to keep an eye on the competitors and keep a cheek on what they are doing but never try to copy them ever! Belie it or not, but you can get inspired and cook up great ideas in your mind by only looking at other people’s work.

A great way of going about it is making use of Google Image Search. For instance, if the company you are designing for is associated with cars, then look for ‘car logos’ or cars+logo’. This way, you will be able to look at what the rival companies has created for their products. Once you have an idea, get practical and start designing on paper using a pencil. At least come up with about 15 to 20 different ideas and then choose the best 2 out of those for development.

  1. Developing:

After the selection of two of your best ideas, consult your co-workers and peers to get an opinion about your work. People generally have a habit of giving their own viewpoints about everything, so put that to use and improve your work. Try taking feedbacks into consideration in order to polish your designs. Many a times, people are very beady eyed and highlight things which you might have never seen on your own, note all that down and return to your drawing board to develop your work.

After you have drawn a very prominent a design, contact a professional graphic designer or printer in order to get the work completed to meet the standards. It is instrumental for your logo to appear professional as it will be present on every written matter the company will produce.

After following all these steps, nothing should hinder your from making an effective and an eye-catching logo. Now that you are done with your work, think of ways of showing it off!