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Innovation is a result of competition. At 48 hours, the logos are available at prices which simply cannot be compared to the prices of other eminent logo design firms. The clients interested in getting their work done from 48 hours get a chance of communicating with the logo designers there and get their custom logo designs made in a few hours. In order to initiate logo design contest, the minimum amount you will be required to pay is $89. To check out the work they have done in the past, you can always check out their logo contests.

Ownership of Logos

If a client ends up choosing the winning logo design and ordering it, then he/she is entitled to the legal ownership of that particular logo. The design concepts which have yet to be selected continue to be the property of the designer who designed them.

No Money back Guarantee Policy

To keep the designing sparks of the designers high, 48 hours does not follow a refund policy. Although if the quality of logos in your contest really is bad, then that will be taken into consideration. If you want, you can begin your contest by paying only $29. You can pay the rest of the amount if you are satisfied with the work the designers produce for your contest.

Participation Pay

Being a client, participation pay gets you the attention of a lot of logo designers. Your contest will require the work of multiple designers but only one out them will be able to win. If you buy participation pay, which is usually worth $5 each, you can always present it to the designer who you think has put in a lot of efforts but still did not manage to win. Designers will love this generous attitude of yours and will be more than happy to work with you.

File Formats

The final logo design is usually handed over in JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS files. These file formats are beneficial because they will work whether you want online printing or offline. If you want to ask for other file formats, then feel free to request the winning logo designer to assist you.

Business Cards and Stationary Designs

If you interested in getting stationary which complements with your logo design, then the best way to do that would be to offer a deal to your winning designer and ask him to prepare your stationary as well. If that does not seem to work for you, then you can always contact the in-house designers at 48 hours who will only charge you $50 and do your work in no time at all.

Payment Procedure

At 48 hours logo, designers get paid via PayPal as soon as the project ends. However, $29 will be reduced from every project for our commission and the remaining amount will be transferred to the winning designer. Besides the winning prize, the winning designer also receives $5 for participating in a contest, $1for a client’s invitation and another dollar on being chosen as a finalist in a contest.

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