Design Crowd Review


Launched in 2008, Design is a crowd sourcing site established in South Wales, Australia. It is basically an online marketplace where consumers are directly connected to the graphic designers in every corner of the world. In order to get commendable results, consumers can hold design contests and people interested in participating can easily compete in it.

Goods and Services

 Design Crowd likes to entertain people interested in hosting design contests. However, it main area of expertise is logo design. Other categories which is of great interest for this enterprise include posters, t-shirts, graphics, websites, stationery and many other things.

The services at Crowd Spring give complete authority to the consumers to users to conduct design contests whenever they feel like. This way, the contest holders can communicate with designers who were completely out of reach before.
Although Crowd Spring does not have a large size of design force like 99designs, there are still 38, 959 designers registered on their website. According to them, they get around 103 design entries for every logo contest.

System of Work

Along the likes of other design companies, Design Crowd also requires its users to submit a brief to get the logo contest started. You can always visit and provide answers to a few questions which will facilitate the designers in making a faultless logo design for you.

Ranging from $240 to $940, you can choose from wide variety of prize packages and you will have to pay another $40 as a posting fee. If you are looking for maximum number of designers to participate in the contest you are holding, then make sure you select a pricey package.  Usually, most of the expensive packages are promoted and advertised through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

You also have the option of privatizing your contest which means that your competitors won’t be able to discover it and only the designer will be allowed access to it.

Once your contest has started, you will start getting oodles of design concepts from creative designers worldwide. You will have you give your feedbacks for each of those designs so that the designers can alter it according to your requirement and give you what you are looking for.

Lastly, you will be required to pick out the best design concept and awarding the winner with th prize money he/she deserves.

Guarantee Schemes

Being a valued consumer, you are highly suggested to skim through the agreement and refund policy on the DesignCrowd website.

Although 100% refund is guaranteed, there are certain conditions affiliated to this policy which does not allow every user the right of refund. Posting and upgrading fees are non refundable but prize money is.

You also do nt get any refund if you guarantee your contest. By guaranteeing your contest you let the designers know that you will never ask for a refund which makes the designers more interested in participating in your contest.

 Users’ Critique

No complaints have yet been found regarding Design Crowd as far as logo contests are concerned.

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