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Launched in 2008 with the name of eLogoContest.com, the company got its new name Hatchwise in 2009 after it started working at other creative things besides logo designing.

Through Hatchwise, consumers can easily reach international designs and innovative talent an that too at a comparatively low price! This company has done a great job in crowd sourcing design and innovation by letting their users conduct logo contests on their site and receive brilliant entries from every corner of the world.

Goods and Services

Hatchwise give its clients the opportunity to get their designs out sourced or crowd sourced to creative individual out there through their site. So, basically, the site works as a platform for the clients where they can easily conduct logo design contests for their project. All they have to do it is to entitle the design package with high prize money. Soon, they will start receiving entries which will require feedbacks from them for improvement. Lastly, the design will be selected and the winner gets the prize money.

Hatchwise, like CrowdSpring, also deals with a number of other activities besides designs. There area of expertise also includes creative writing contests where numerous talented writers compete in various spheres like company/product naming, story writing, content writing for websites, composing poetries and resume writing to name a few.

Furthermore, besides logo contest designs, this company host contests for business cards, banners, websites, stationary and graphics.

At present, Hatchwise has a pool of 9,900 innovative designers from 90 different countries who are doing their best to provide 100% satisfaction to their clients. There galleries at the website where you can see the winning entries and can also keep a check on the contests going on.

System of Work

 The life span of a logo contest at Hatchwise is just ten days. Contests holders get started with the contest by filling out a questionnaire which tells the designers the kind of work expected from them.

As a contest holder, you have to pay $29 as registration fee and put up a high prize money for your contest so that a large of designers are ready to work on your project. $100 is the lowest prize money you can put up for your contest and nothing below that. The winning designer does not get the complete prize because 10%of it is kept by the website as a processing fee.

Contest holders have the option of either paying the prize money before the contest start or later after analyzing the quality of work and entries received. Usually, a pre paid contest has higher chances of receiving quality work because the designers know that there is a high probability of getting the prize money no matter what! Designers usually do not put in their efforts in a project if its contest holder looks non-serious about it.

Once the contest begins, you will sart getting logo design concepts in massive amounts in a very short course of time.  As a contest holder, you will have to scrutinize each of the entries and give in your feedbacks which will allow the entrants to enhance their work and come up with improved designs.

When the contest reaches its end, you choose the design which has pleased you the most and award the winner with the prize money. Once all that is done, you can get possession of all the files with the complete work.

Guarantee Scheme

It is highly suggested to carefully read the ‘terms and conditions’ section of the company’s website before you decide you decide to work with them.

As far as the guarantee scheme is concerned, contest holders do not get any of their money back once they have been paid.

Users’ Critique

Stated below is what the customers have to say about Hatchwise and the logo contests conducted there:

  1. Leigh Buchanan who works at Ink.com decided to compare four logo designing companies. On referring to an expert regarding a design,  Buchanan got to know that Hatchwise is unbeatable when it comes to log contests and it is even better than the market leader, 99designs.
  2. Dave Lavinsky reviewed Hatchwise on GrowThink.com and the images he put up of his contest entries gave an impression that the service he received was commendable.

 Visit the website of Hatchwise - www.Hatchwise.com

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