Logo Arena Review


Launched in 2010, Logo Arena is established in Ontario, Canada.  It is one of the most popular websites which gives business owners and talented individuals an opportunity of hosting design contests for attaining a unique, one-of-a-kind logo. This site actually works as platform and helps users to reach a pool of creative designers from all over the world.

Goods and Services

Logo Arena excels at conducting logo design contests. They readily give all their users a chance to host contests via their website and get connected with millions of creative talent around the globe. Users or contest holders start a contest by entitling a prize money to it. Designers then start submitting their entries. When the designated time is over, the contest holder selects a design and its design is awarded with the prize money.

Unlike other contest sites, Logo Arena does not quote the number of designers registered on its site. However, with the help of designer rankings, it can be assumed that it has 353 designers at present. 

The site also has a forum along with a portfolio of the winning designs. You can also get access to the ongoing contests through this site.

System of Work

Novice contest holders need not stress about their contests if they are hosting it through Logo Arena. In order to get started, you will have to provide some details in a form given to you. These details will facilitate the work of the designers and let them know about the design you are interested in. Your contest can last for five to seven days.

As far as pricing is concerned, it is totally dependent upon your choice. Generally though, designers are attracted more towards a contest if a high prize money is attached to it. At Logo Arena, the lowest prize money you can offer is $249 from which 15% is taken by the site. You also have to pay a registration fee of $10.

An exciting aspect of this site is its ‘tip’ corner through which you can attract even more designers to create unique designs for your much valued project. The 15% tip that you give is offered to the runner ups of the design contests.

Once you have completed the procedures mentioned above, you can get registered at Logo Arena and get your contest live after clearing all the dues. Once your contest starts, you will be required to keep an eye on all the entries you receive and give them room for improvements by providing your remarks and feedbacks.

Once the contest comes to an end, you can take seven days to choose the winning design and then award the prize money to the lucky designer.

Guarantee Scheme

All the users are advised to read the ‘terms of service’ section of the website before starting any kind of business. Money back policy exits but only those users are eligible who do not get more than 50 entries.

Users’ Critique

Since Logo arena is a recent service, people are not acquainted with it much. However, a blogger at Wolfe.com stated that that Logo Arena was used for getting the logo of the site and there were 101 talented designers who did a commendable job.

Visit the website of Logo Arena - www.LogoArena.com

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