Logo Tournament Review


Established in Calgary, Canada, Logo Tournament has been founded by Tyler Quinn whose area of expertise is e commerce and web development. The website of this company, Logotournament.com was launched in 2007 and is doing exceptionally well since then.

Goods and Services

Logo Tournament is actually one of the many companies which had contributed a great deal when the idea of logo design contests was introduced in the market. Businessmen who are interested in getting a logo made are called contest holders. Like the name suggests, these contest holders conduct competitions for getting their desired logo design. A large amount of entries are received from every corner of alt he world as all the graphic designers are usually eager to participate when there is a prize money entitled to a contest.

System of Work

Users are first required to put in al the required information in a questionnaire which will work as quick brief and will let the designers know about the kind of logo design you are interested in. The duration of an average logo contest is 7 days and it becomes active as soon as the contest holder pays the amount for conducting a contest. You can add three more days to your context and extend it for free if you think your work would require more time.

There are a variety of logo design package and the prices range from $275 to $575. Users can freely choose any one from these packages or they can also get their package customized.  A contest holder is always advised to remember that entitling high prize money to package is very beneficial as it attracts a lot of designers to do your work. The package prices are inclusive of registration fee of $39 and 10% of handling fee.

Once the contest is in motion, contest holders start receiving oodles of concepts from different designers who put in a lot of efforts to create something out of the box and please their client. The contest holder is then supposed to rate every entry so as to tell the designer of the flaws in the design so that alterations can be made to meet expectations.

When the duration ends, the contest holder picks out the design he likes the most and its designer is awarded with the prize entitled to the logo design package. Contest holder can then get hold of the source files for that particular design.

Guarantee Scheme

98% of the contests at Logo Tournament contests are successful. Although if you are not satisfied with the work you get there, you have all the rights to use their guarantee policy. According to the company’s guarantee scheme, all your money will returned to you if your contest does no get more than thirty design concepts.  However, if you had thirty entries but still want to quit, then $75 will be deducted from the price you paid and will be given to the designer who had the highest ranking by the end of the contest.

Users’ Critique

Stated below is what the customers have to say about CrowdSpring and the conduction of logo design contests there:

  1. At USweb.com, a writer conducted two logo designs through Logo Tournament and is happy with the work he got fron there.
  2. At WhyisMakro.com, a blogger reviewed the company of Logo Tournament and said that initially the design concepts you get are not pleasing to the eyes but they keept getting better as the contests proceeds.

Visit the website of Log Tournament - www.Logotournamnet.com

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