Logo Design Ideas

A logo is the symbol that represents your esteemed company, product or service. Every establishment wants its logo to look unique so that it does not only make the company stand out but also distinguishes it from its competitors.
Businessmen and entrepreneurs worldwide are aware of the significance of an identity for their business. That is the sole reason why they are willing to pay such high amounts to designers for designing a logo which is both extraordinary and enticing.

 Essentially, our aim is to educate both the designers and the clients so that they become familiar with the basic components of a logo. Usually, designers get inspirations for their designs from various other designs, concepts and graphic illustrations. However, clients generally are unaware of many aspects of logo designs. For this reason, we decided to provide some basic knowledge to the clients regarding designs so that they are also able to give their input to the designing process while placing an order.

So, if you belong to the lot of novice designers and clients who are completely unaware of certain special features which an effective logo must possess, then reading this article will definitely make the entire logo making process simple and easy for you!

Points to Consider

Possessing information about the essential features of a logo is definitely of great importance!  A unique and a simple logo is not only easy to remember but it also conveys a w The features of being appropriate, unique, graphic, practical, simple in form and easy to remember and conveys a welcoming message.
We have listed down some important components of an effective logo and as a client/designer, you are recommended to go through them to have a better idea about your logo design.

  • Simplicity:

A good logo design concept depicts uniqueness and clarity. Simple logo designs do not only     look exceptional but they are also usually easily recognized by the audience. When drafting simple logos, you can always discover ways of adding delicately complicated yet highly effective visuals.

  • Distinctiveness and Singularity:

Uniqueness can do wonders to the logo design of your upcoming brand! You as a businessman need to understand that the only thing which can distinguish your brand from the other others is its identity! Unfortunately, if you are inspired by the logo design of your competitor brand, then there is no such harm in going for a similar design but just do not forget to add in your personal touch to it.

  • Tagline:

Although tag lines strengthen your business identity and leave an impression on the audience’s mind, we do not think it is a must have for an effective logo design

  • Scalability:

Since logos represent a company and are used for the branding of a variety of promotional products and services, it is important for the logo designs to be scalable.

  • Color:  

A professional designer knows the correct use of colors for for a one-of-a-kind logo. As a rule of thumb, minimal colors should be used in a logo to make them appear simple and unique. Choice of colors and their amount to be used depends on the nature of business. Restricting your logo to a couple of colors is beneficial because it does not only make a logo design look intelligible but also keeps the cost low.

Logo Design Types

Depending upon the nature of your business, a variety of design types can be chosen for your respective logo. Creative logo designers can take inspirations from a number of sources, techniques and styles in order to create a logo mandatory for the development of a unique identity for a business. Listed below are three popular categories of logos:

  • Typographic logos:

Typographic logos are actually text based logos. These types of logos include components like lines, borders and/or boxes that can interact with the letters to make the logo look sharp and expressive.

  • Symbolic Logos:

Instead of the use of letters, these logos depict the product or service by usage of symbols, images and shapes. A symbolic logo is highly recommended when your company has chances of high levels of brand recognition.

  • Combination logos:

For an efficient representation of the brand, this kind of logos employ symbols, illustration as well as texts. Combination logos should be your ultimate choice if you are just starting up with your own business or already own a small company.

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