Logoworks Review and Profile

In this report we have present a review for those clients who are considering Logoworks for their online custom logo design. We have included basic information summarizing the packages LogoWorks offers, prices and their services we have also looked at some feedback and complaints from the consumer side that might be found on the Internet about this designing firm.


Among the biggest logo design firms, Logoworks is one of them that sell its services online. The company came into existence in 2001 and operates out of offices in Utah in the US. According to them they have served their services over 45,000 clients and have worked with various Fortune 500 companies. It was originally founded by Morgan Lynch, the company is known under the Hewlett Packard (HP) umbrella. Design team that works under Logoworks consist of over 40 in-house designers but they also outsource work to freelancers as well.

Packages and Prices of Design

LogoWorks specializes in custom logo design and also offers a series of other services that include business cards designing, stationery, website design and brochures designing.

Those who want a logo to be designed for their company LogoWorks offers basic or known as ‘silver’ package costs for $299, this includes customers to have four initial concepts drawn up by two different designers and revisions up to two times this also includes making slight alterations in designs. in terms of their packages another package is for $399 known as their ‘gold’ package, by ordering this six concepts are offered by three different designers and unlimited revisions is given complimentary along with this package.

LogoWorks has other packages as well that include other services offered by them, as well as custom logo design, range up to $2999 in value.

When customers are given ownership of their selected final design, Logoworks gives ownership of all initial concepts as well that are not selected by the customer.

Guarantee Policy

When it comes to refund guarantee, policy of Logoworks is fairly complicated and you are advised to read it before you place an order. According to the LogoWorks policy, clients are eligible for sending refund request if they are not satisfied with the initial Logoworks response. $99 will be deducted on their refunds as a mean of an administration fee and customers are given limit of three days after they receive the initial response to complete the refund application process.

Delivery Time

On placing an order by client, LogoWorks get done by the initial concepts within three days and then let the client to log in and view the uploaded designs to give comments on according to their requirements. Two working days are taken for revision of design. Final designs are sent to their owners- clients on CD.

File Formats

LogoWorks delivers logo to their customers with numbers of different formats that are according to different printers and for the website. These include tiff and bmp files, jpg, and gif formats. They provide you your ordered design with file format you need for different purposes to be used for.

Awards and Ratings of design

While we searched we did not find any information on the Internet relating the awards or design competitions that Logoworks may has won.

Logoworks Design Portfolio

One of the best ways to choose company for assigning your design is to view Portfolios this gives you an idea about taste of a company’s design style. Moreover, you can see logos as a sample that they have done for companies in their past for numbers of client’s industry. Logo Works has a broad portfolio of their previous work which they have on their website. For visitor’s convenience, Logos are categorized to view examples.

Assessment of Opinion and Reviews on the Internet

While searching on Internet for reviews, positive comments and negative markings, we assessed to clients views regarding Logoworks. Don’t forget everything that you read online is not always true. Sometimes competitors also post complaining comments about others or positive comments about themselves on the website to transform the traffics towards their firm. Some of the references we got to know regarding this company are outlined below.

1) At LegalZoom.com we found nineteen Logoworks reviews altogether. We observed that fourteen comments were positive and on the other hand we found only four negative comments.

2) At BBB (Better Business Bureau), we found numbers of Logoworks complaints  but they all sounds like as they have been resolved.

3) On website Yelp.com, while searching we got one Logoworks review  where the complaint was written by a reviewer stating that he found the customer service representative good, the logos were terrible looking and that he found the designers avoided many of the aspects that they placed in the briefing form according to their requirements.

4) One review of Logoworks on website Complaintsboard.com was stated by a person who felt that their work was 'uninspired and too clip-arty'. He also stated that the designers didn't make alterations or changes that were requested during the revision rounds.

5) At Ripoffreport.com there was stated a complaint by a lady that the caricatures designed by this firm didn’t look at all like the animals that they were supposed to

6) In year 2005 they found fault by designers, via the blogosphere and web forums were having plagiarized logos on their website. Then the firm took action and the designs which were never sold were deleted and the designers were fired who were responsible for plagiarism fault. To know more about this visit Katzidesign.com, you will find a list of links to relevant articles as well.

Overall Rating - 3rd Place

To visit the Logoworks website go to - www.logoworks.com

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